Are you looking for luminous color and brilliant shine?

Start with a rich multi-dimensional color to revitalize your hair and bring it all together with a precisely layered cut.

Do you want a look that’s easy to manage and style?

Precision hair cutting is the key to simple styling. Start with a cut that works for your facial shape, hair type and your goal. Add texture and movement with shape defining cutting techniques with both razor and shears.

Does your hair have the shine and manageability you desire?

Consider a demi-permanent glossing service to drastically heighten shine in both natural and previously colored hair. It also adds volume and makes styling easier.

Would you like to keep your hair style simple and fresh?

Try a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and repair your hair. Improve your hair’s condition and add luster by repairing its structure and smoothing unruly ends.

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Women's / Men’s Haircutting

In a haircut I always consider the needs and personal style of the client. When the stylist and the client work together, this leads to a better cut. We can tailor a look for you that can be an easy, carefree style to match your facial shape and hair type as well as your lifestyle and your personality.

Permanent Color / Single Process (One color)

Enhance the color of your hair or explore a different look with a totally new color! From the first time hair coloring client, to a simple retouch, our goal is to exceed your expectations with precision formulation and application of your own personal color creation. We use Joico® Vero K-PAK® Color exclusively for our Permanent Hair Color. The only salon-exclusive permanent hair color in the world that reconstructs while coloring. K-PAK's exclusive reconstructive technology delivers the ultimate in healthy, luminous, long-lasting color results.

Demi-Permanent Color

Demi-Permanent Hair Color gives your hair a dose of vibrancy without a serious commitment! If you're looking to subtly deepen your natural hair color or add a layer of color (such as a red tone on brown hair), a Demi-Permanent color is your best option. With it we can enrich natural color, refresh faded hair color or tone highlighted hair. It adds exceptional color, shine and condition to natural or color-treated hair without altering the natural pigment. At Jeffery’s we use Redken® Shades EQ® as our Demi-Permanent Hair Color. Shades EQ® is the #1 long-lasting, no-ammonia, demi-permanent hair color in the USA. We use it to add shine, to glaze, refresh or correct natural as well as color-treated hair.

Blending Grays for Women and Men

A one-step process lasts up to four weeks with no tell-tale "grow out" to gently blend grays into your natural color. For the client who feels that a few grays are just a sign of maturity, but somehow just a few too many have "shown up for the party", we specialize in a process known as "Coloring Book” color. The Coloring Book process allows us to cover as much or as little of your gray as you would like. Using permanent color and gently "combing" the color through your hair, we match your natural color and, in effect, "turn back the hands of time" to when you only had a few of those pesky little fellows.


Highlights are a great way to brighten up natural and even previously colored hair. Highlights can be subtle or obvious depending on preference, placement and application technique. We find the right combination for the look you want whether it’s bold or just brightened and add just the right amount of highlights to compliment your style. At Jeffery’s we specialize in extremely natural looking highlights! I feel that nature knows best and we mimic its beautiful effect! So extremely natural they’ll never know it was done in a salon, just a natural glow about you! But for those clients who want something more dramatic we place highlights specifically to draw attention to the design. They can be placed anywhere you’d like. Your hair is a canvas; yours to express yourself. You can go as natural or funky as you like!

Hair Styles for
Long Hair

Jeffery's Salon
Photography by Amy Rizzuto

Long Hairstyles?
No problem
at Jeffery's.


Jeffery's Salon

We specialize in short textured styles with soft feminine necklines


Jeffery's Salon

Allow Jeffery's to prepare you for your Special Day



Lowlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to flat or monotone hair color. The process works much the same way as Highlights but in reverse of course. It can be a very useful technique to reduce the amount of existing Highlights. When there is an over- abundance of lightening or an “overall blonde” effect occurs adding lowlights can return hair to a more natural look. By weaving in a deeper color to mix with the lighter blonde we can recreate nature’s own multi- tonal effect and dramatically reduce any line of re-growth.

Dimensional Color

When coloring hair we always strive to create a multi-dimensional effect and contrast in our color. Even in our single process color we add dimension through a freehand painting or “Balayage” technique. The end result is a very “naturally highlighted” effect. It’s also a very economical, low maintenance way to spice up your style as you never have a solid demarcation line or re-growth.

Permanent Waves

Create soft, sexy curls or waves on straight flat hair. Add body and volume to fine, limp hair. Permanent Waves have come a long way since the 1980’s when a tight, somewhat frizzy look was in style. Perm technology has drastically improved since then providing what can be awesomely soft, natural feeling curls. Explore your options and discuss how your style can benefit from what was once considered the “four letter word” perm!

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Repair dry or damaged hair through a heat conditioning process. Repair, restructure and strengthen your hair to eliminate breakage!  We can also prescribe an "at home" treatment regimen for daily or weekly use, to bring your hair back to its natural strength and beauty.

We Specialize in Color Correction

Sometimes a color decision seems too hard to live with. Maybe it's an at home color experiment gone astray or even a professional color that's just not what you had in mind. Don't feel you'll have to just "wear a hat” till it's gone (even if you have a great hat!) Color can be corrected! Over the years we've brought many color "disasters" back from the brink! As every individual’s circumstances are different, we can assess your specific needs. We offer a correction consultation at NO COST to you. During this appointment we will determine the best course of action to bring your hair color back to the direction you had in mind, be it a more natural color or one better suited to your taste. We will take into consideration the hair’s condition and only recommend at treatment or correction that will maintain the integrity of your hair.